• Creator

    The end-to-end research authoring
    and distribution solution.

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  • Courier

    Extend your firm’s global
    reach free of charge.

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  • Analyzer

    Interpret the market for
    your research.

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  • Client Manager

    Advance client

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  • Synchrotab

    The premier solution for Face-to-Face Business Meetings.

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  • Research Manager

    Connect directly to the buyside.

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× Creator
  • Creator’s web-based research publication workflow is highly customizable to meet firm-specific publishing and branding requirements.
  • Componentized content structures carry searchable tags to maximize document searchability and visibility.
  • Mobile-friendly, HTML5 interface allows for authoring and readership on-the-go.
  • Automated compliance and disclosure generation reduces regulatory risk and lowers firm administrative footprint.
  • Automated editorial procedures ensure no products pass from production to editorial and compliance until all required parties sign off.
  • Automated ingestion of up-to-date market data and analyst forecast data into research documents reduces errors from manual input.
  • Excel data values automatically sync with research document.
  • Multiple authors can contribute simultaneously on a document and view changes in real-time; automatic saving means no more save button and no more lost work.
  • Fast time to market: simultaneous distribution to all recipients, including email, third-party aggregators, research portals, and social media.
  • Unlimited access to 24/7 global support.

Analyzer ×
  • Understand readership trends and measure key performance indicators across the market.
  • View comprehensive readership trends across aggregators as well as on the individual contact level to discern where client interests lie.
  • Understand the identities of your readers, and discover key contacts within top accounts.
  • Evaluate client engagement at the individual or account level.
  • Filter readership by analyst, report type, industry, sector or security.
  • Move away from impersonal content distribution and identify opportunities for quality discussion.
  • Hover over components in the sample report below to illuminate how Analyzer tracks user engagement:

Location: Fairfield


Hover over the sections in the research document below for an illustration of how Analyzer tracks user engagement.

Client Manager ×
  • Store and manage all firm contacts and log interactions (meeting, call, conference, or custom interaction).
  • Define contact tiers, assign to interaction groups.
  • Manage and automate report distribution with pre-defined subscriptions.
  • Send customized reports to select contacts.
  • With every major aggregator available as a destination, Client Manager automatically generates the required control files, ensures timely transmission of data, and provides audit logs.
  • Benefit from account report cards illuminating revenue actuals versus revenue targets, account interactions and readership.
  • Acts on a standalone basis, and can also be integrated seamlessly with third-party or proprietary CRM solutions.

Courier ×
  • Extend your firm's global reach, free of charge.
  • Distribute all file types to major aggregators, research portals, and niche local information providers.
  • Save time: post once, and distribute to multiple destinations with one click.
  • Maximize speed to market.
  • Compatible with additional workflow modules.

So Easy a CEO Can Use It

Our Passion
Synchrotab improves the impact, efficiency and sustainable nature of face-to-face meetings and it’s free to trial

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What it does?

An iPhone App to replace or supplement paper presentations by projecting Pdf images to multiple IOS screens without wifi.

Why Switch to Synchrotab?

Bring IMPACT, EFFICIENCY & SUSTAINABILITY to your presentation


  • Save Costs
  • Zoom for impact
  • No network setup
  • Mark up charts
  • Embedded note taking
  • Unlimited library
  • Flexible Changes
  • Optional leave behind materials

Synchrotab Enterprise Business Solution

Finance our Lifeblood – Compliance our DNA

  • Designed by investment analysts to ease their burden & raise their game
  • Collaborative build out with top Wall Street firm and global asset managers
  • Controls meeting access to accepted participants only (DTLS encryption)
  • Records document consumption and participation audit
  • Features optional encrypted meeting history automatically dispatched to compliance (end-end strong encryption through PGP and transmitted via SSL)
  • Option to wipe clean restricted documents on viewer device
  • Notifies presenter of illicit use of screen shots
  • Fully compatible with Corporate Mobile Device Management System (MDM) with optional behavior settings such as PGP keys & certificates for PKI and key rotation


My Synchrotab

  • Mirror to 3 viewers
  • Presentation library
  • Pinch and zoom
  • Optionally take notes
  • Leave behind materials

Small Business

  • Mirror up to 8 viewers
  • Meeting access control
  • Presentation library
  • Pinch and zoom
  • Optionally take notes
  • Leave behind materials
  • Unlock viewer navigation
  • Secure
  • Maintain host participant records


Price on Request
  • Mirror up to 8 viewers
  • Meeting access control
  • Presentation library
  • Pinch and zoom
  • Optionally take notes
  • Leave behind materials
  • Unlock viewer navigation
  • Secure
  • Maintain host participant records
  • Immutable meeting logs
  • Wrapped via corporate MDM system
  • Assign/reassign host license
  • Track license utilization rate
  • Corporate website portal
Research Manager ×
  • Research Manager is a compliance and productivity platform that asset managers use to search for and view research.
  • Having your firm’s content on the platform ensures its visibility and compliant access.
  • Research Manager’s capacities espouse regulations outlined by MiFID II.
  • Research Manager allows sellside firms to better control who views their research.

Research Manager FAQs

Research Manager is a platform global and regional asset management firms use to search for and view research in line with regulations outlined in by MiFID II. MiFID II regulations require these firms demonstrate process in how they track, control and value their research. Having your firm’s content on the platform ensures its visibility and compliant access.

Research providers can use any of the three BlueMatrix authoring and distribution platforms to feed content to Research Manager; Creator and Courier.

Creator is the industry leading research authoring, compliance and distribution platform used by many of the world’s leading sellside and independent research providers. Courier is a no-cost, web-based platform for publishing research content to Research Manager as well as other research aggregators including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, FactSet and S&P Capital IQ.

Content in the form of PDF/XML (RIXML 2.3+) pairs can be submitted via SFTP or https. Link-backs are also supported either through SAML authentication or by direct (unauthenticated) links.

No. Research Manager is neither an exchange nor a store. Your firm’s existing commercial arrangements with your clients remain unaffected.

A daily CSV file will be made available via SFTP containing both un-embargoed and embargoed firm and user level read data.

Research Manager supports any mutually agreed-upon embargo period, typically 90 days. The readership report always includes an indication that someone read your research. The asset management firm can choose to embargo the readership in one of two ways. The first is a full embargo; no details are released until the embargo period ends. The second is a “user” embargo which indicates that someone at their firm read your research without specifying who read it. The buyside firm would first contact you, and you agree to contribute to Research Manager, at which time would discuss the embargo with you as well.

If your firm is using Creator or Courier, entitlements are managed via the admin console. Entitlements may be controlled on any RIXML tag. However, due to the nature of the Research Manager client base, by default, most entitlements are at the individual or firm level. Of note, MiFID II stipulates the onus is upon the asset manager to ensure all consumption is in line with a pre-existing commercial arrangement with the provider. This may lessen the complexity of entitlement controls from a broker perspective.

Yes, any period can be backfilled via the same contribution methods as current research.

BlueMatrix acknowledges the variety of channels by which buyside individuals and firms prefer to consume research, and continues to support any of these preferred channels, whether it be on Bloomberg, FactSet, Thomson Reuters or Capital IQ etc.

Readership data from any research consumed through Research Manager would also have the embargo (30, 90 days, etc.) and could be fed into your Analyzer, as Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters data is.