Postmaster utilizes BlueMatrix's advanced technologies to streamline the research production workflow from report creation and distribution to analysis and management.


BlueMatrix Postmaster provides analysts with a secure platform to create and distribute research reports. Utilizing the document upload tool, analysts can build reports from various file types (.doc, .xls, .pdf), and the compliance tool automatically applies specific, relevant disclosures and disclaimers.


Targeted content is distributed automatically via secure links to research consumers, aggregators, client-specific sites, and research portals. Providers can control content entitlements on key aggregator channels, deliver email content to research providers in the recipients preferred format, and track output.


Track research consumption to evaluate readership trends and performance indicators across distribution channels. Identify key content recipients and consumption habits to more closely target distribution and increase value.


The internal research library provides a portal to access, track, and collaborate on research across user workgroups or the firm. Advanced search filters allow users to tailor the experience and content flow accessible within the application and via email digests, as well as create custom subscriptions for external research consumers.


Security is maximized within the BlueMatrix system. Analysts can apply accessibility restrictions to the number of recipients, forwards, and devices, and other security measures, such as document watermarks, to individual reports.