Deeply searchable, full support for all your content

100,000 users and growing
Built on 20+ years of industry experience

Dynamic features, constantly evolving

Elevate your digital presence

Reimagine your content for you and your clients

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Easily control user access, code-free ability to manage content and layouts

Search more intuitively, create content niches to never miss market updates

Deeply intuitive with code-free configuration

Quickly customizable to integrate seamlessly with your brand, identity, and overall look and feel - all through an user-friendly interface.

Self-manage logos, colors, fonts, event listings, and banners, using Portal configurations

Display multimedia directly on the platform and quickly change content themes and styles to fit your user preferences. Allow your clients to use and save filters to quickly get access to the content they want to see.


Help your users find their favourite content

Give your client a dashboard to empower them to manage their followed content like: analysts, companies, and/or sectors, and their folders.

Allow your client to create personalized feeds using powerful filters of your choice help them to engage with their desired content.

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Improve discoverability and monetize content

Have your content gain visibility through intelligent search and recommendations - right in the platform.

Ensure your content stays relevant to the right audiences for the longest period of time. Easily package up your content, ready for emailing and sharing to your chosen target list.


Powerful tools to manage your content

The BlueMatrix Portal is designed to offer our clients powerful tools to manage content and the look and feel of the portal. The portal is configurable by our clients, removing the need for continuous development. Additional features are available for an extra fee and we can customize client-specific requests if our core features aren’t enough.


  • Create content feeds of research reports common to all users.
  • Use filters to zoom in on specific content, or use trending options to showcase the most popular; publications, video galleries, and images.


  • Quick ticker, analyst search, single word, or phrase search.
  • Advanced search using filters based on tagging.
  • Save searches to a content feed.


Promote conferences, analyst events & other meetings by uploading an advertisement image and link to related sites for more information or for registering to a conference.


  • Our clients can create new pages of content and control the navigation menu.
  • Use one of our many pre-set layouts.


  • Portal tracks user journeys, pages accessed, actions taken, and devices used.
  • All publication readership is tracked in Analyzer in the Portal channel.


  • Enable or deny access to certain content and/or functionalities.
  • Use entitlements to control access to research reports and models.
  • Use Creator restrictions to hide sensitive content.