Publishing & Distribution

From idea to fruition, our cloud-based publishing platform boosts productivity and minimizes risk to streamline the process of getting content out the door.

  • Repurposed content

    Content blocks and multimedia assets are independently tracked and tagged for a reusable, single source of truth.

  • Real-time collaboration

    Componentized content framework enables simultaneous, multi-author editorial access to an individual document.

  • One-click distribution

    Metadata and RIXML are automatically packaged for simultaneous distribution across channels, devices, and formats (PDF, HTML, HTML5).

  • Built-in risk management

    Automated workflow checkpoints, alerts, user controls, audit tracking, and disclaimer generation help keep you compliant.

  • Mobile-friendly

    The cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform and mobile authoring app lets you work from the road.

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite technologies

  • MS Excel & Outlook Add-in
  • Pricing Providers
  • Research Aggregators
  • Regulatory/Compliance Systems
  • Translation Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • Video Platforms
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Internal Systems
BlueMatrix Publishing

Where tech and service meet

  • 24/7 Account & Technical Support
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Ongoing Education & Training
  • Local Events & Working Groups

Global Compliance & best practices

  • GDPR Data Protection & Privacy
  • Web Accessibility Best Practices
  • RIXML Standards
  • SEC Rule 17a-4

Add-on modules and tools eliminate the need for complex multi-system integrations

Readership analytics

Real-time, granular readership metrics per channel, document, author, region, and much more to complete the feedback loop.

Secure distribution

Precise recipient tracking and forwarding restrictions to deliver more accurate readership data that helps you expand your reach.

Interactive reports

Interactive HTML5 output using pre-designed templates or custom, branded designs for high-impact engagement with readers.

Interactions hub

Ingest or package internal interactions log for broker vote distribution to third-party platforms: Bloomberg, Commcise, CorpAxe, Dealogic, Visible Alpha, Red Deer, Markit and more.

Relationship Management

The ecosystem’s built-in client management module offers a collection of tools to support your relationships and satisfy regulatory requirements.

  • Sales enablement

    Create one-off custom emails of published content, packaged and sent directly from Outlook, for flexible targeted outreach.

  • Interactions tracking

    Log interactions manually or automatically from Outlook emails and calendar invites for real-time evaluation.

  • Contract administration

    Generate, distribute, and maintain contracts and invoices (MiFID II compliant) using account-specific data.

  • Distribution management

    Maintain detailed contact and account data to build subscription and mail lists for targeted content distribution.

BlueMatrix Consumption and Evaluation

Consumption & Evaluation

Built as a MiFID II Best Practices solution, our consumption and evaluation platform aggregates to deliver a complete, holistic view of entitled relevant information.

Personalized experience

A configurable and intuitive interface features advanced search, filter, and subscription tools to hone in on relevance and eliminate the noise.

Consumption analysis

Internal readership metrics help management identify the popular content, analysts, and topics to determine future research spend.

Organizational collaboration

Tap into a centralized information channel with engagement tools for workgroup or firmwide collaboration and decision-making.

Internal integrations

Plug into external systems to create a seamless workflow, aggregate data from internal and third-party portals, and enhance your corporate identity.

Client Testimonials


"BlueMatrix’s one-stop shop makes publishing and distributing research easy. Creator 4.0 is by far the most intuitive publishing platform they’ve developed thus far. The new platform has made the transition to HTML5 for our analysts much easier than anticipated."


“Over the past 15 years, BlueMatrix has been a true partner with Oppenheimer to help us create and distribute our research product. Their dedication, timeliness, and professionalism is outstanding and we would not be able to produce the research that we do without their service.”

B. Riley Securities

"BlueMatrix has proven, year-in and year-out, its strategic value. It is far more than a publishing system and we regard them as an extension of our own organization."

About BlueMatrix

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BlueMatrix is the gold standard solution and the world’s largest publisher of investment research. We connect the world’s leading asset and wealth managers with nearly 1,000 research firms in more than 50 countries, and serve internal teams across multi-national corporations.

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