BlueMatrix Creator offers a selection of intelligent authoring tools to help research producers customize premium research content.


With BlueMatrix Creator analysts can author, access, maintain, share, and track research via a secure online interface. Autoformatted online templates provide an efficient and error-free method to create research reports from the office and remotely.


Creator's workflow tool delivers bespoke configuration of role-based, product-specific workflows of all types—simple, complex, linear, branching, or multi-conditional. Automated email alerts are sent as a document moves from stage to stage.


The compliance tool enables users to meet the local requirements of the increasingly complex global regulatory environment. Relevant, specific disclosures and disclaimers are stored in the database and can be maintained directly or within users' internal applications.


The distribution tool is designed to ensure that research is delivered to its intended recipients in the most efficient and effective manner. It fully automates distribution to aggregators, client-specific sites, research portals, and clients' inboxes in a targeted and traceable way.


BlueMatrix portals provide quick and easy access to internal research that can be made available to in-house teams and externally to clients. The BlueMatrix research library can be used as a standalone website or seamlessly integrated into a company homepage with its fully customizable layout, content, and search criteria.


The reporting tool features more than 60 management reports covering a comprehensive range of data for effective monitoring and analysis of a firm's research department. Additional custom reports can be created per request.