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Set up custom research dispatch emails by when you want to read it.

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Create and apply custom user filters to your news feed; create in user settings, or refine pre-configured feeds by Publish Date, Security Symbol, Analyst, Broker or Industry.

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Real-time access to market trending topics, investment themes and financial and operational drivers.

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Minimize Firmwide Administrative and Compliance Footprint Under MiFID II

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Track, control and evaluate external research.

Quantify and qualify research

Evaluate research consumption with an audit trail for firm-wide and individual readership analytics and scoring tools.

Justify research payments

Both to clients through research consumption and evaluation reports and to research providers with individual “broker reports.”

Prevent inducements

Manage research entitlements with centralized oversight, inducement prevention and consumption analytics.

User Benefits

  • Access research in real-time
  • Pull vs. push
  • Access to a community of over 950 research providers
  • Full text search across millions of documents
  • Compliance oversight and transparency for research delivered and consumed
  • Centralized and individual entitlement management
  • Centralized readership embargo management
  • Evaluate research usage with document analytics to assist in broker vote
  • Reduce reliance on email
  • Easy to add new entitled research providers
  • Preview content without downloading
  • Receive targeted research via email
  • Share/like/comment features promote user collaboration; clarifies the investment decision
  • Seamless integration with internal research, single sign on and search capability



  1. 12 June 2014

    MiFID II level 1 texts published in the Official Journal of the European Union

  2. 30 June, 2016

    ESMA extends MiFID II go-live date to 3 January, 2018 from 3 January, 2017

  3. July 10, 2016

    FCA publishes policy statement on all aspects of MiFID II implementation

  4. June 2017

    FCA plans to finalize MiFID II rules in a further policy statement, covering remaining issues including conduct of business, perimeter guidance and client asset protections

  5. 3 July, 2017

    MiFID II to be transposed into national law of Member States

  6. 3 January, 2018

    MiFID II to apply within Member States


MiFID II Countdown


What you need to know

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, or MiFID II, is the second iteration of MiFID, an EU directive that went into effect in November of 2007. With consumer protection in mind, MiFID II promises to shake up the investment research marketplace with measures that specifically target the relationship between research and trading commissions.

  • The ESMA proposed MiFID II following the 2008 financial crisis in order to increase market transparency and efficiency. The new rules enhance scrutiny of how research fees and trading commissions relate to execution quality across asset classes.
  • MiFID II requires that all execution fees be unbundled from research fees. Under MiFID II, European asset managers will not be permitted to receive most types of investment research unless paid for either from their own resources or via a Research Payment Account (RPA).
  • From January 3rd, 2018, European asset managers will be required to budget and then account for their firm’s research expenditure.

More about MiFID II

Research providers must implement a systematic, transparent pricing structure for all services provided to European asset managers.

  • European brokers must establish individual charges for their execution services. These charges should only demonstrate the cost of executing the transaction.
  • Understanding the market for your firm’s research will be a key consideration in the pricing of research with respect to unbundling.
  • Understanding and protecting the intellectual property value of your firm’s research reports will become increasingly important to revenue generation for the sellside.
  • The services an asset manager pays the research provider or sell-side broker must not be tied to any cost associated with execution services.

Under MiFID II, European asset managers must fund research purchases either through an established Research Payment Account (RPA), or through their own P&L.

  • To budget for research consumption, asset managers must quantify and qualify research value. Understanding your firm’s readership trends is key. Who are your top-read brokers, analysts and sectors?
  • The asset manager must maintain a full audit trail for all research-related transactions, and demonstrate budget allocation to clients and regulators.
  • Asset managers must safeguard their firm from inducements to trade, ensuring content will be viewed only by permitted firm members.
  • No research charges may be linked to the client’s transaction values or volumes.
  • The asset manager must have a process in place to deal with a potential a surplus in the RPA at the end of a given period. In this case, the asset manager may either offset the surplus against future research costs, or to return the surplus to clients.

MiFID II will further best execution and ultimately strengthen consumer protection, enhancing client relationships.

  • The underlying value of investment research is now subject to closer scrutiny.
  • BlueMatrix believes MiFID II presents a unique opportunity for quality research to derive a fair market price.
  • MiFID II brings an opportunity for research providers offering a quality product to be seen, and for research consumers benefit from better research.
  • BlueMatrix notes that European research providers are only required to price research separately when transacting with asset managers in Europe. However, since the clients of European asset managers will be receiving information on research transactions, it’s possible that some clients may well request the same information from investment managers outside of Europe.

Receive the research you want, when you want it. BlueMatrix supports investment professionals, both research providers and asset managers, in meeting MiFID II requirements. A preferred productivity tool for global asset managers, Research Manager provides users with a single platform to access, quantify and consume research from over 950 research providers.

  • Research Manager offers detailed document analytics to help value research. Filters for top-read brokers, analysts, sectors, documents, and top saved documents will help asset managers search for and then evaluate the value of research and then set their budget as required by MiFID II. Qualitative data to help develop a transparent pricing structure.
  • Common supervisory approaches and practices in the EU continue to evolve; BlueMatrix’s responsive software development means that BlueMatrix can answer swiftly to any changes in the regulatory climate with frequent software releases.