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The value of ESG in investment research


ESG investing has moved from niche to mainstream. Driven by regulatory requirements and monetization opportunities, asset managers are increasingly focused on sustainable investment and demanding more transparency.

For good reason too. Research on the positive connection between performance on material ESG factors and corporate financial performance is mounting, according to industry thought leaders.

BlueMatrix sits right at the heart of the research interface, in between the buy-side and the sell-side. Naturally, we have an interest in ensuring both sides understand developing trends and facilitating conversation.

To do so, we published a discussion paper in collaboration with SRI-Connect that takes a look at the evolution of ESG and analyzes the results of the 2019 IRRI (Independent Research in Responsible Investment) Survey.

Follow the link to download the white paper: A Sustainable Sell-Side: Defining the value of ESG in the investment research marketplace

We look forward to the discussions and new ideas it inspires.