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BlueMatrix Updates its Brand Design

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We are excited to raise the curtain on BlueMatrix's new corporate logo and visual identity. It was designed to highlight the firm’s evolution as a full-service solutions provider and our commitment to innovating the market.

In 1999, BlueMatrix co-founders Patricia Horotan and Skye Hauptman reimagined the entire investment research publishing workflow to create what is now recognized as the industry’s gold standard solution. Today, with the launch of the new visual identity, they recommit BlueMatrix to its role as an industry trailblazer.

"The landscape has changed dramatically in the last 22 years, but what hasn’t changed is our dedication to improving the lives of research professionals," says Patricia Horotan, CEO and Co-founder of BlueMatrix. "Our application was designed to adapt. After two decades of enhancing its flexibility to satisfy new use cases and integrations, it is no longer just for publishing. BlueMatrix has evolved into a versatile framework for leveraging a bespoke digital content strategy."


Created by our in-house design team, the new logo uses a similar format to maintain brand familiarity but with a cleaner design and color scheme that embodies the simplicity that BlueMatrix delivers. The wordmark is accompanied by a cube, created with individual shapes to symbolize the seamless unity of its applications.

The broader visual identity and messaging have also been simplified. All the products and services share the same look and feel, further emphasizing the harmony in which they operate; and the new tagline, “Reimagine Your Research,” speaks as much to BlueMatrix’s vision as the one it aims to inspire in its users.

BlueMatrix has grown tremendously since we last updated our look seven years ago. Our user base has more than doubled, and we've expanded our reach worldwide since then.

The whole project was a collaborative effort, firmwide, and we are really proud of the finished look. We hope our clients and the broader industry see it as an opportunity to reimagine how we can work together.