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BlueMatrix unites the European industry


This month we invited the European industry to convene at the Soho Hotel in London to debate the state of the marketplace. A big thank you to those of you who joined us.

The highlight of the conference, Research Reimagined, was hearing from some of our industry's leaders on the issue consuming everyone's minds and workdays... MiFID II. Simon Edwards, our Head of Business Development, moderated a panel discussion about the best practices emerging in the post-MiFID landscape.

The one-and-a-half-hour conversation covered a lot of ground. Here are a few key takeaways regarding the impact of MiFID II on...

The production and consumption of research

  • Research consumption was significantly down (30%) in 2018 but returned to pre-MiFID levels in Q1 2019. Fund managers have become more selective about their consumption and more focused in their meetings and interactions with analysts. Yet, without a doubt, the relationship between the fund manager and the analyst is still of top importance.

The cost and valuation of research

  • Overall, cost and valuation of research has gone up while total spend was down 28% in 2018.

Corporate access

  • There has been a reduction in corporate access across the UK and Europe. This is a result of both MiFID II and the higher price tag placed on corporate access in the US. Yet, while investment firms may move toward organizing their own meetings for bespoke needs; everyone agrees that investment banks will continue to play a significant role in facilitating large functions and road shows.

ESG and alternative data

  • Many contributors have been and continue to be heavily focused on ESG investments. Overall, it is becoming increasing important, especially in regions in Europe. Still, the industry is lacking a universal classification structure for rating ESG funds.

A BlueMatrix conference wouldn't be complete without a sneak-peek at the product roadmap. The innovation team was on hand to highlight some of the solutions currently making a splash with our clients and others that are WIP. Here are the highlights:

Reevaluate your readership

The secure links solution was developed to help you protect what's most important: your intellectual property. The authentication and authorization process allows users to create customized controls around report access and forwardability. Attendees at this session got an in-depth look at how it works and first-hand demonstration of it in action.

Reimagine your research reports

Research creation is what BlueMatrix is founded on. And while it remains our core focus, we continue to innovate at the edges, such as HTML5 templates and custom designs. HTML5 is not only more engaging to research consumers, it provides advanced navigation, traceability, visual capabilities, and more detailed readership insights.

Redefine your relationships

Managing relationships and interactions has become a more important part of the daily workflow in today's regulatory climate. We enhanced our existing CRM capabilities and added tools specific to tracking and managing sales and client relationships.

Built with sales people in mind, we made it simple to:

  • Create and track interactions without ever leaving Outlook.
  • Send one-off custom email packages of published content directly from Outlook.

Thank you to all who attended and stay tuned for next year's event.