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BlueMatrix sponsors Unbundling Uncovered London 2019


BlueMatrix was a proud sponsor of last month's Unbundling Uncovered London conference, put on by Substantive Research at the Institute of Directors.

More than 400 attendees from some of the globe's largest investment firms and banks convened for the day’s conversations.... leading to some very interesting – and sometimes disparate – opinions around the market’s adaptation to MiFID II and what is still expected to come.

Our own Simon Edwards, Head of Business Development, joined a panel discussion about innovating the research product. It was a lively back-and-forth about what research providers are up against in today’s post-MiFID II market, which has forced buyside firms to re-evaluate the value of the research they receive.

The panel featured a number of prominent industry voices including Michael Mayhew, the chairman of Integrity Research, who moderated the conversation. The question on the table: “Can you innovate your way out of MiFID II deflation?”

A few key themes around the "research product" that came up include:

  • The buyside is demanding differentiation

Since MiFID II, the buyside has homed in on research quality and differentiation. One way the sellside is responding is by expanding their product offering with new types of information, such as alternative data and ESG analysis.

  • The sellside is exploring new ways to monetize content

Research providers are turning to new technologies intended to boost research creation and distribution. The BlueMatrix platform, for instance, was designed to enhance the impact of research while simultaneously offering IP protection and streamlining industry relationships. Simon noted on the panel that banks are capitalizing on the ability to build interactive web reports and re-purpose research content for different use cases that support their digital strategy.

  • Technology is being adopted to measure value

Buyside firms are adopting AIML or NLP technologies in an attempt to quantify value. However, speakers throughout the day argued that 'data analysis and research is more of an art than a science.'

  • The relationship still holds significant value

The analyst relationship was highlighted again and again throughout the entire day’s conversations. Despite the above shift toward data-driven decision-making and budget pressures, the relationship is still one of the strongest drivers when choosing providers.

For more coverage of the entire day's sessions, see Substantive Research's Unbundling Uncovered London 2019: Key Takeaways. The next event in the series will be Unbundling Uncovered USA 2020, taking place in New York this June.

(l-r): Edward Michniak, Developer; Elizabeth Louise Hatt, Marketing Manager; and Daniela Migolatiev, Developer, representing BlueMatrix at the Unbundling Uncovered London 2019 at the IoD.