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BlueMatrix on the Run

Company Announcements

The BlueMatrix team in Timisoara, Romania showed its charitable side by running in support of local NGOs. On April 25, half a dozen people laced up their running shoes to raise money in the inaugural Timotion event in Timisoara.

The event offered participants the choice to run one of five races that ranged from a beginner's distance of 1-2km to a half-marathon distance of ~21km; additional options included a rollerblade/wheelchair race and a family-oriented run that allowed children in strollers.

Each participant ran in honor of and contributed to an NGO of their choosing. The BlueMatrix team was made up of the following employees—and the causes they ran for included:

  • Mihaela Mazilu , QA Analyst, ran for VivArt to support youth with disabilities by helping them develop useful skills, through programs such as art therapy, creative education, professional training, to enhance their independence and social inclusion.
  • Mircea Harapu , System Administrator, ran for the Empowerment Foundation to support parents of children with Down Syndrome and help integrate them into the community.
  • Natalia Costin , Director of Presentation Team, Europe, ran for the Prophylaxis Foundation, a project dedicated to help overweight children lose weight and teach parents how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Oana Munteanu , XSLT Developer and Product Support Specialist, ran for Junior Mom School, to help families of children with disabilities receive therapy and support.
  • Tatiana Buica , Java Developer, ran for Ecostuff Romania, an NGO that recycles unwanted materials into things of value, such as artwork exhibitions.
  • Victor Ungureanu , Junior XSLT Developer and Product Support Specialist, ran for the Rotary Opera, which works toward improving outdated medical equipment in local clinics.

In addition to Timotion, BlueMatrix participated in the Firm Cross, a decade-old annual running and cycling race in Timisoara. Participating company teams received prizes for achievements such as race times, cumulative times and for having the most members.

"The beauty of these events is that it offers BlueMatrix employees an opportunity to support local causes that have a personal meaning to them, and it is a great team-building activity," says Ken Berkovec, CIO for BlueMatrix and a participant in the Firm Cross. Being involved in the community adds a human touch that helps us closer connect with our clients and the industry."