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BlueMatrix Goes Mobile

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Authoring for Analysts On The Go

BlueMatrix is excited to launch Creator Mobile, a mobile app that puts the best of BlueMatrix authoring into the palm of your hands. It was debuted at BlueMatrix's virtual product event, Research Reimagined: 2020 Innovations, on Thursday, June 11th.

The authoring app combines the core capabilities of our publishing solution – efficiency, compliance, collaboration – with the flexibility necessary for research analysts to publish flash notes and breaking news briefs from wherever life takes them, whether that is a business trip or the living room couch.

Behind the simple, intuitive interface, the app's functionality mimics the Creator authoring workflow that our users love, including its componentized framework that allows concurrent editing; plus the added benefit of offline accessibility. Being able to author and edit content without a connection means you can make the most of your time in Airplane mode knowing that all changes will be automatically synced when you re-establish a connection.

That goes for the updates made online as well; live changes sync in real-time between the mobile and web applications so you can stay plugged into your colleagues back in the office.

Inspired by and designed in partnership with our user base, the app was a natural progression for BlueMatrix. The brand was founded 20 years ago on the concept of mobility, transforming the research publishing into an efficient online process. Since then, all our solutions have stayed true to this vision.

The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices and can accommodate your MDM specifications. Contact BlueMatrix for more information.