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2015 BlueMatrix Conference Takes On Regulation Concerns

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The regulatory landscape took center stage at the BlueMatrix 2015 New York Research Roundtable, held on October 2, 2015 at the Crosby Street Hotel. BlueMatrix hosted a reputable expert panel to address the questions plaguing research professionals’ minds surrounding the pending regulation changes in the European Union.

‘What is the most likely outcome’ and ‘how do we prepare’ were the most common questions among audience members at the discussion, “Regulatory Changes & The Impact of MiFID II.” The panelists invited to address the issue were:

  • John G. Colon, Managing Director at Greenwich Associates;
  • Barry Hurewitz, Global COO of UBS Group Research;
  • Nicholas Mather, Chief Executive at Trusted Sources, and one of the directors in discussions with regulators in Europe; and
  • Michael W. Mayhew, Chairman, Founder and Global Director of Research at Integrity Research.

“The extremely knowledgeable panelists provided an insightful perspective of the implication of the proposed unbundling regulations, from both the buy-side and sell-side,” said Simon Edwards, Head of Business Development at BlueMatrix, and moderator for the panel. “The audience’s reaction was fantastic. Judging from the questions during the session, participants gained a lot of new insight into the issue.”

To further address the issue, BlueMatrix welcomed John Colon from Greenwich Associates back to the stage to elaborate on the topic and present the results from a recent research study conducted by the company. The research focused on the buy-side perspective surrounding the broker vote process, research valuation and expected influences of the changing regulatory landscape.

“Both sessions were very beneficial as there has not been widespread coverage of the potential impact of MiFID II in the U.S.,” said Edwards.

The panel discussion was part of the annual Roundtable conference BlueMatrix hosts in New York City. Since the Roundtable’s debut in 2004, the event has aimed to provide the U.S. investment research industry a forward-thinking platform for collaboration and discussion on both current trends and obstacles, and the evolution of the BlueMatrix suite of products to meet the demands of the changing landscape.